Foundation for Synthesis -      Finding Unity in Our Diverse World
The Spring Festivals Just Past
 Easter-Wesak-World Invocation Day
Have set the tone for the work ahead in 2017
Glenda Marie Rock III
                       Foundation for Synthesis
as the name implies, is focused on exploring, teaching, healing the chasms which keep us apart. As a kaleidoscope or a tapestry adds brilliance and beauty through the unity of its qualities and textures; so too are we looking for the pathway that leads to our spiritual Truth in all our varied radiances.
Glenda Marie Rock III is internationally known as a teacher, healer, esotericist. She offers spiritual readings, distance healings, teaches classes in the Ancient Wisdom. Her book Journey to the Light will be followed with Knowing the Power of Self-Forgetfulness by fall of 2013. She works with penetrating vision, finding the Real, reconfiguring inner realities, bringing hope through the realized understanding of personal responsibility and uncovers the Truth of what Love is in the World.
One of the ongoing updates to our website is our new blog.
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